1. Receiving and Inventory Control
    Receiving and Inventory Control
    Precision Installation will handle your entire FF&E installation from start to finish beginning with the onsite receiving of FF&E deliveries. Case goods containing guest room furniture, upholstered seating items, mattresses, artwork and mirrors, and additional FF&E items will be met onsite by our team. We carefully inspect deliveries for any damage and reconcile the delivery item count of each delivery against the shipping manifest.
  2. Planning and Coordination
    Planning and Coordination
    Communication and coordination with the developer/owner, general contractor, and the subcontractors on each project is essential. Since time is always of the essence, often the FF&E installation begins while others are still finishing their work. We are very intentional about coordinating our installation so that we finish our job prior to the agreed completion date, while not disrupting the progress of the painters, wall paper hangers, tile and carpet installers, etc.
  3. Loading and Staging
    Loading and Staging
    Our crew will load, unpackage, assemble, and stage all guest room furniture from the top floor to the bottom according to the specific floor plan design. All garbage and debris will be removed from the building.
  4. Bathroom Installation
    Bathroom Installation
    Bathroom accessories such as towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, and shower curtain rods incur much use. It is paramount that these items are correctly installed with the proper fasteners so these items do not become loose from the wall. Additional bathroom items such as vanity mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, and any wall mounted hair dryers will be installed per room floor plan. All grab bars, vanity mirrors, and bathroom accessories located in ADA guest rooms and public bathrooms will be installed according to state regulations and standards.
  5. Public Area Installation
    Public Area Installation
    Our team will load, assemble, and stage all furniture items and install all additional FF&E items located in public areas such as the lobby, hallways, elevator landings, business centers, and conference rooms. We also install all window coverings located in the above mentioned public areas.
  6. Guest Room Installation
    Guest Room Installation
    The Guest Room begins to feel more complete once the headboards, art work, mirrors, and window coverings are installed. We at Precision Installations take great pride in assuring our clients that all the guest room items listed above will be accurately installed according to the specific floor plan design of each room. From the headboard to the artwork to a variety of different window coverings, we carefully measure and properly fasten each item, including any security hardware.
  7. Walk Through and Final Inspection
    Walk Through and Final Inspection
    Prior to completing a project, we will conduct a meticulous walkthrough and final inspection and revisit every guestroom, guest room bathrooms, and all public areas to ensure that nothing from your FF&E installation has been missed or left undone. Our motto is simple, “We care about quality!”. We are in business for one purpose, to provide an unparalleled quality of FF&E installation that will bring 100% satisfaction to our clients!
  8. Signage Installation
    Signage Installation
    There is no need for you to worry about the signage installation for your property. We at Precision Installations will install all interior and exterior signs, these are not limited to, but include all guest room signs, directional signs, all state required warning signs, and public areas such as the pool area and all building entrances.