​​Welcome to Precision Installations - the premier hotel installers that California clients rely on.

Based out of Northern California, just an hour south of Sacramento, Precision Installations stands out as the premier FF&E installation company trusted by hotels throughout the state of California and all over the Western U.S.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, our installers are able to effectively convert your ideas into full FF&E installations that achieve the look and feel you want for your hotel. We have a full team of expert FF&E installation professionals who work closely with our logistics coordinators to ensure the smooth, stress-free installation of all your hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

With a firm understanding of the business and a genuine passion for service, Precision Installations is the clear choice for both newly constructed and existing hotels where the precise installation of quality fixtures, furniture, and equipment is a must.

So if you're in San Diego, Redding, or anywhere in between and are looking for truly outstanding FF&E installers you can rely on to deliver the exceptional results you want, there's no need to look anywhere else because we've got all your needs perfectly covered - here at Precision Installations!

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